2015 Doreen Ames
2013 Alan Galley
2011 Benoit Dube
2009 Francois Robert
2007 C. Michael Lesher
2005 Jeffrey Hedenquist
2002 Alan Clark
2000 A.E. Williams-Jones
1998 R.V. Kirkham
1996 F.R. Joubin
1994 A.C. Brown
1992 J.M. Franklin
1990 C.I. Godwin
1988 E.A. Swanson
1986 R.W. Hodder
1984 J.J. Brummer
1982 G.D.J. Boldy
1980 A.J. Naldrett


2016 Dan Kontak
2014 Barbara H. Scott Smith    
2012 Harold L. Gibson               
2010 Norman Duke                   
2008 Mark Hannington
2006 Howard Poulsen 
2004 Wayne Goodfellow 
2003 Robert Kerrich 
2001 H. Scott Swinden 
1999 D.H. Watkinson 
1997 S.D. Scott 
1995 C.J. Hodgson 
1993 W.H. MacLean 
1991 J.D. Harvey 
1989 G.O. Allard 
1987 A.E. Soregaroli 
1985 M.J. Knuckey 
1983 R.W. Hutchinson 
1981 D.F. Sangster 

The 2016 recipient is Dr. Dan Kontak (Laurentian University)

"I stand here quite humbled and somewhat short of breath as I enter into the rarified atmosphere of a most distinguished club, this being Derry Land.  I say most distinguished because this achievement is for me not one of just national stature, but instead one elevated to a much higher podium. You see, to me Canadian ore-deposit geologists, in fact Canadian geologists in general, are second to none on the international stage."

Duncan R. Derry Medal.

Past Recipients:

​​The Duncan R. Derry Medal is the highest award bestowed by the Mineral Deposits Division (MDD). It is awarded annually to the outstanding economic geologist who has made significant contributions to the science of economic geology in Canada.

Candidates should be recognized for their skill and stature as professional economic geologists, and also by their public contributions to the science field. It is acknowledged that publication is the prime, but not only method, of disseminating scientific information in any discipline. Candidates should be members of the GAC®, and preferably, but not necessarily, MDD members.