The 2016 recipient is Seymour Isle

Past Recipients:

Julian Boldy Certificate Award

The Julian Boldy Certificate Awards for the most significant and creative papers presented at the Mineral Deposits Division session at the annual meeting of the GAC/MAC


2015  Dr. Daniel Kontak, Laurentian University
2014  Carlin Lentz, University of New Brunswick
2013  no award
2012  Dr. James Brenan, University of Toronto
2011  Dominique Genna, Université du Québec à Chicoutimi
2010  no award
2009  Emma Sheard
2007  1st. K.L. Rasmussen, J.K. Mortensen, and H. Falck
          2nd. T.L. Davies, J.P. Richards, T. Chacko, R.A. Creaser, L.M. Heaman, A. Simonetti, R. Morelli, and J. Williamson
          3rd. A.H. Mumin, and L. Corriveau
2006  1st. A. Rainbow, K. Kyser, A.H. Clark, and J.K.W. Lee
          2nd. J.-F. Larriviere, M. Gauthier
          3rd. J.J. Hanley, D. Ames, J. Barnes, Z.D. Sharp, and T. Pettke
2005  1st. C. Hart
          2nd. M. Hitzman
          3rd. M. Gauthier, S. Trepanier, and S. Gardoll
2004  1st. S.E. Kesler
          2nd. S.A. Wood
          3rd. P. Hollings, D.R. Cooke and J.L. Walshe
2003  1st. R.M. Morelli, R.A. Kelley, D.L. Leach and A.R. King
           2nd. G.D. Bradshaw, S.M. Rowins, J.M. Peter and B.E. Taylor