2015 Luke Ootes
2013 Michel Houlé
2011 Jacob Hanley
2009 Patrick Mercier-Langevin
2007 Eira Thomas
2005 Yuanming Pan
2002 Jan Peter
2000 C.E.G. Farrow
1998 P.C. Lightfoot
1996 M.C. Hannington
1994 S.J. Barnes
1992 H.L. Gibson
1990 F. Robert
1988 R. Kerrich

The 2016 recipient is Sarah Dare, University of Ottawa.

​​The William Harvey Gross Award is bestowed annually by the Mineral Deposits Division (MDD) to a geoscientist less than 40 years of age (as of December 31 of the nomination year) who has made a significant contribution to the field of economic geology in a Canadian context. The recipient may be either a Canadian or non-Canadian who has made a contribution in Canada, or one within a Canadian context. The contribution on which the award is based may relate to studies that include all aspects of what is generally referred to as economic geology, and which represents the broad spectrum of fields to which Bill Gross contributed. These include mineral exploration and development, scientific research either applied or fundamental, and field based studies.

The award consists of a medal and a cash supplement supported through endowment funds provided by Corona Corp. and donations by the friends and family of Bill Gross to provide a contribution toward the travel expenses for the recipient and guest to attend the annual luncheon of MDD to receive the award.

William Harvey Gross Award


2016 Sarah Dare
2014 Sean McClenaghan
2012 Dan Layton-Matthews
2010 Sarah Gleeson
2008 Peter Hollings
2006 Steve Piercey
2004 Shoufa Lin
2003 Ross Sherlock
2001 Jeremy P. Richards
1999 D. Lentz 
1997 D. Wyman 
1995 W. Bleeker
1993 J.F.H. Thompson
1991 D. Wilton
1989 R.M. Britten 

Past Recipients: